Criminal Defense Practice Areas

John Teakell is an experienced attorney and trial lawyer who has successfully prosecuted and defended a wide range of criminal offenses.

Federal and State Feloney White Collar Crime Defense

White Collar & Fraud Cases

White collar crimes are generally classified as non-violent crimes committed during the course of ones profession with a financial motive. At the state level the most common white collar crime Mr. Teakell defends fraud cases; particularly charges that include bribery, forgery, identify theft, or false representation. At the federal level Mr. Teakell is an expert at defending mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and bribery and extortion cases that involve federal property, agencies, employees, or falls under intrastate commerce clauses.

Drug Crimes

As a former prosecutor State of Texas and Federal prosecutor, John Teakell is often called upon to defend again drug possession and prescription fraud. Mr. Teakell has also successfully defended individuals suspected to be involved in the drug trade including illegal online pharmacies, illegal drug manufacturing and distribution, and drug conspiracy charges brought by Texas and Federal prosecutors.

Computer Charges

That vast majority of computer crimes involve a financial motive which result in charges of some forms of fraud.  Mr. Teakell has considerable expertise defending cases that involve unauthorized access, stealing or destroying data, and fraud cases that typically involved a computer or internet connected device; particularly wire fraud committed as part of a phishing to gain unauthorized access, hacking to disrupt a network, and computer crimes with a financial motive such as credit farm.

Firearms / Weapons

Those suspected of criminal activity usually have a firearm or other weapon on them when they are arrested which usually result in charges that are unrelated to the crime originally investigated.  Mr Teakell has also successfully defended in both state and federal charges related to firearms possession in a protected areas, and illegal sales and transportation of firearm.