State and Federal Gun Crimes

Gun Crimes Charges Put You In Serious Legal Jeopardy

The State of Texas and the United States government have special statutes to prosecute those suspected of using a computer while committing a crime. When a computer is involved an experienced attorney is best equipped to properly address the unique jurisdictional issues and rules for the collection and processing of evidence.

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John Teakell Can Help State Felony and Federal Gun Crimes

Texas laws clearly defines who may carry a concealed weapon and the situations and circumstances where carrying firearms is illegal. Texas gun carry law and the state’s gun permit law makes it unlawful for certain individuals to be in possession of a firearm. When is it legal to carry a gun in Texas?

Defend Yourself Against Gun Crime Charges

If you have been charged with a gun crime you need to act now.

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Gun Crime Articles

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Weapons Crimes in Federal Court

A person who buys and sells weapons (operable firearms) is subject to obtaining a license as a federal firearms dealer if he/she is engaged in the business of selling firearms. Title 18 U.S. Code §921 contains various definitions of engaging the business...

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Legal Guide Engaging in Organized Criminal ActivityEngaging in organized crime’ and criminal activity is a steep legal charge, which is generally utilized when a group works in sync to commit a crime. In lay language when criminal activity is conducted in a rather...

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Federal Firearm & Weapons Charges Federal firearms laws provide severe penalties for improper firearms use or possession. For example, possession of firearms by convicted felons or drug users can provide punishments of up to ten years imprisonment.  In fact, many...

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Drug Trafficking State Penalties & Sentencing Guidelines For more indepth information, case examples, and statues, see John Teakell’s Drug Trafficking & Possession Case Brief and Steroid & HGH Drug Trafficking Case Brief. For a quick overview of cocaine,...

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Drug Trafficking Federal CasesOVERVIEW OF DRUG TRAFFICKING PROSECUTIONS IN FEDERAL COURT By John Teakell, Attorney-at-Law Dallas, TX I. IntroductionTraditionally, cases prosecuted in federal court were either larger, complex drug trafficking cases, or white-collar...

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Drug PossessionThere is a fine legal line between drug possession charges and possession with intent to distribute, or PWID, (narcotics including heroin, cocaine, methampetamines and marijuana). These determining factors usually lie in: a) manner the drug is stored,...