White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes deal with things like fraud, embezzlement, and other non-violent crimes committed while doing business or working for someone else. The majority of white collar crime cases involve business or government professionals, which is where the term “white collar” came into use. With the increased amount of business that is conducted online, though, the lines between computer crimes and white collar crimes are often blurred. You need an experienced legal professional to help you understand the difference.

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  • The bulk of White Collar crime in Texas involve fraud which is prosecuted under Title 7, Chapter 32 of the Texas penal code. Texas penal code covers a wide range of fraud including the following:

    At the state level, fraud convictions can range from Class B misdemeanor to a state felony depending on whether there are prior convictions on the record of the accused, the amount of money involved, and a host of other factors. Even if fraud charges don’t result in jail time, they can cost you your job, professional license, or a revocation of your federal security clearance.

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  • If a white collar crime involved business that took place between people in multiple states or was done to a federal agency or by a federal employee, these crimes are prosecuted as federal crimes. They are defined in Title 18 chapters of the United Stated Code. These can include:

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